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    Heating systems with patented wire heating technology for white goods

Heating Systems for White Goods

DBK’s heating systems are made for white goods, such as dishwashers and tumble dryers.

The mechanical and electrical properties of DBK is our flat wire heating elements, which makes it an ideal product for heating air. The large surface of the flat wire spiral and the low air resistance ensure excellent convective and radiant heat transfer.

The patented process of winding the wire onto an electrically insulated winding strip provides a stable and secure open coil. The unique construction of the spiral ensures greater reliability and safety.

The low watt density and lack of air shadows reduce hot spot temperature. The streamlined nature of the spiral reduces fluff/lint collection making the element safer for tumble drier applications. The Mica in the center of the spirals supports the wire along its length, thus reducing the likelihood of short circuits if the wire is damaged in any way. 

DBK has extensive experience manufacturing heaters with output configurations of up to 50kW. Please contact us with inquiries regarding open coil projects.