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Immersion Heaters

Our screw-in immersion heaters are used for direct heating of liquids, gases and viscous substances.

Functional Characteristics
U-bend tubular heaters directly heat the substance to be heated. They are soldered into a screw head or blind flange and form the heating unit, which can be completed with cover plates and control devices if desired. 

Design Features:
  • Screw head made of brass, St 37.2 or stainless steel, thread G 1 1/4", G 1 1/2", G 2" G 3"
  • 2 - 6 tubular elements depending on the screw head thread
  • Blind flange in accordance with DIN 2527 form B. Sizes B50, B65, B80, B100, B170, B175, B200, B250
  • Material St 37.2 stainless steel on request
  • Number of tubular elements where practical without cover, IP 00, With cover, Ø 80 x 97, IP 65
  • Installation of capillary thermocouple possible
  • Temperature range 0 - 85°C and 90 - 300°C
  • With cover, Ø 80 x 97, IP 65, with temperature control inside
  • Operating voltage 230 V, 230/400V
  • Special voltage up to 500 V
  • Installation with gasket in threaded bore or with counter nut, for flat flange in corresponding counter flange with pitch circle
  • Note that immersion heaters for heating liquids should not be operated under dry conditions
Boilers, Heating of Vats, Containers and Tanks, Oil Trays, Oil Sump of Combustion Engines, Hydraulic Systems, Deep Fryers, Fat Containers, Washing Machines, Steam Generators, Laboratory Equipment, Medical Apparatus, Instantaneous Water Heaters.

Immersion Heaters
Tubular heating element with various bending shapes with connection head to immerse in a non-combustible medium to be heated. These heaters are not stationary and allow easy change of containers.