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Insulated PTC Air Heaters (HRP)

Insulated Air Heaters are finned resistor heaters with electrically insulated PTC heating elements, featuring higher resistance to humidity, dust and vibration. HRP (protected) can be designed for much higher voltages with protection class than other air heaters, which tremendously expands their field of application – from railway heating to HVAC systems. HRP will be available in three standard sizes with v-shaped or delta-shaped fins, and as custom solution on request.

  • Power output up to 3kW
  • Voltage up to 460V
  • Protection class II, IP-rated
  • Available with v-shaped or delta-shaped fins
  • Thermally insulated enclosure allows for easy screw installation
  • Temperature limiter
  • Custom solutions (size & shape, voltage, power output) on request
  • Railway heating systems
  • Passenger compartment heater for special-purpose vehicles
  • Cockpit heater (e.g. electric vehicles)
  • Enclosure heaters
  • Air dryers & dehumidifiers
  • Pre-heaters & re-heaters for HVAC and ventilation systems with heat recovery (low-energy buildings)