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Band Heaters

The band heaters are flat and rectangular contact heating elements, which are usually pressed onto the body to be heated from the outside. A winding part of micanit and heating conductor is placed between two insulating plates of micanite. This unit can be sheathed with sheet metal as protection.

Design Features
  • Max. service temperature 350°C
  • Max. surface load 4 W/cm²
  • Type of protection: IP 20 without sheet metal sheathing, IP 40 with sheet metal sheathing
  • Sheathing: Stainless steel sheet 1.4301 0.3 mm, stainless steel sheet 1.4301 0.5 mm, sheet steel electroplated zinc 0.5 mm, aluminum sheet 0.6 mm
  • Electrical connection: stranded wire connection, length as requested, band connection