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Ceramic Cartridge Heaters

The cermic cartridge heaters are cylindrical heating elements used in applications where there is no need for sheathing or this is a part of the machine, e.g. press.

Functional Characteristics
  • Defined heating capacity through resistance wire technology
  • Heating wire, threaded in heater former, and head made of ceramic 511
  • Heat dissipation primarily through radiation
  • High service temperatures
Design Features
  • Tube diameter 12; 15; 17; 20; 23; 28.5mm
  • Head diameter 12.5; 15,2; 17,2; 21; 28.5mm
  • Single-sided connection: glass fibre yarn sheathed nickel wires, maximum temperatures up to 250°C, length as desired, nickel wire bare, nickel wire bead insulated, nickel wire covered with glass fibre yarn, sleeve, screw connection with head diameter 28.5
  • Segments possible with increased heating capacity
  • Simple assembly
  • Small cold zone
  • Power and voltage as desired: in mounting hole, hole diameter = tube diameter + 2mm
  • Presses
  • Hot plates
Cartridge Heating Elements (Special design)
Diameter 36mm. The individual element's head and end pieces are locked by a support rod. Horizontal installation position. Three-phase current connection available.

For inquiries or orders for cartridge heaters please specify:
  • Length with head, respectively immersion depth
  • Heated medium, application purpose
  • Connection
  • Tube diameter
  • Tube jacket material
  • Assembly element, nipple
  • Voltage and power
  • Desired quantity