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  • Industrial oven systems

    Standard or custom design and build oven systems

Robust Industrial Ovens

We plan and build industrial ovens up to 700ᵒC. We have standard design solutions, or we can design the industrial ovens to adapt to your specific requirements. In the process, we realize the optimum heat transfer for your application in our system. Of course, our long-lasting industrial ovens are state of the art and energy efficient.

DBK’s industrial ovens achieve optimum results with great temperature uniformity. All components are made at our plant in Germany, which keeps our paths short and sustains our delivery promises today as we did 60 years ago.

DBK Quality Characteristics
  • Individually projected air circulation for the application to produce optimum heat transfer
  • Stable steel frame construction
  • Frame coolers, temperature barriers, and high quality oven insulation for low energy consumption
  • Heating elements from our own production
  • Oven control in accordance with the customer’s requirements and components from brand manufacturers.
Do you have applications for industrial ovens? Let us help!