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High Voltage Heating Systems

DBK’s high voltage heating systems are used for hybrid and electric vehicles 100V to 500V.

Electric and hybrid vehicles do not or only temporarily produce engine waste heat for the heating of the passenger compartment.
For these vehicles DBK provides air and water heating systems with heating powers up to 8 kW and supply voltages up to 500 V, which enable the purely electrical heating of the passenger compartment. The power electronics integrated into the heaters can be activated optionally via PWM signal or via standard bus systems (LIN).

For the high voltage water heater, DBK uses tubular heaters more often than the ceramic heating solutions. The tubular heaters offer various advantages over the ceramic heating elements, such as high power range even at high water temperatures, a wide range of operating voltages, and reduced inrush current when switching on. In addition, the defined resistance temperature dependency of the heating element allows temperature control.

This of course does not mean that with the chosen technology for the water heater, there has to be compromises made in the areas of reliability and safety compared to heating elements in the ceramic heating technology.

DBK also offers complete systems with integrated power electronics for heating the batteries of such vehicles in the high or low voltage areas. We develop discharging resistors for automobiles and commercial vehicles as a safety component of the vehicle electronics in order to discharge storage elements (e.g. capacitors) from high voltages up to 900V down to voltages below 60V.

DBK uses our many years of experience from the industrial area and transfer it to the demands of automotive engineering.

Possible designs:
  • HV-Air heater for electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles
  • HV-Water heater for electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles
  • HV-Battery heating
  • HV-Discharging resistor