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Finned Resistor Heaters (HR)

Apart from the heating function, PTC Finned Resistor Heating Elements perform with an independent temperature limiting effect. This results in a highest possible operating safety.
The big surface of the aluminium fins ensures ahomogeneous heat transfer with low outlet. By an adjustment of the air volume flow, this system allows an automatic regulation of the heating power in certain ranges.

Option: Mounting Frame
Temperature-resistant plastic frame that safely holds the PTC heating element. Integrated temperature limiter possible.

Applications: Cab heater, enclosure climatisation, air dryers, ventilation system with heat recovery, air conditioning in buildings, low energy houses, cockpit heater

  • Safety due to automatic temperature control
  • No fire hazard in case of failure
  • Self-regulating function of power in correlation to the air volume and ambient temperature
  • No additional temperature regulators required
  • Low outlet temperatures due to large heating surface, thus healthy and comfortable heat
  • Easy assembly
  • Long life-time if properly used

HR = Standard design | Features:
  • Equal power output in wide voltage ranges, 100 - 120V, 220 - 240V
  • low voltage ranges, e.g. 12V, 24V, etc. available on request

HRI = Industrial design