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PTC Air Heaters with Delta Fins (HRKK Delta)

PTC Air Heaters with Delta Fins are perfectly suited to heat air flows in many applications such as HVAC systems or special-purpose vehicles, where they pre-heat cold intake air or regulate room temperature. HRKK Delta are available in three standard sizes, and as custom solution on request.

  • Available in three standard sizes S, M, L
  • Power output up to 1.8kW (at -20°C and 300m³/h)
  • New frame allows for easy screw installation
  • High heat output with minimal pressure loss due to delta-shaped fins
  • 50+ percent less pressure drop compared to HRI with v-shaped fins
  • Mounting frame made of temperature-resistant plastic available for HRKK Delta M
  • Enclosure with finger guard and connection cable available for HRKK Delta L
  • Temperature limiter
  • Custom solutions (size & shape, voltage, power output) on request
  • Air dryers & dehumidifiers
  • Pre-heaters & re-heaters for HVAC and ventilation systems with heat recovery (low-energy buildings)
  • Passenger compartment heater for special-purpose vehicles
  • Cockpit heater (e.g. electric vehicles)