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Conductive Heating Elements Series

Our PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating elements are self-limiting. They can be used in an unlimited application range. The PTC heating elements need very little mounting space and feature a high power density.

They are mostly used for heating of solid bodies, containers, industrial fluids and appliances, medical equipment, cosmetic sectors, and a variety of household appliances. 

Conductive heating elements are available as heating profiles (HP) and heating discs (HT).

  • Voltage ranges 12 - 24V,  24 - 48V, 100 - 240V,
  • Special versions e.g. 400V or 72V on request, 600V for HP01B.
  • Max. power output 50 -250W
  • Besides the above models, custom versions are also available.
Ultrasonic Cleanser, Steam Cooker, Ski Boot Dryer, Glue Guns, Heating of Control Valves.