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Heating plates

Heating plates are rectangular solid contact heating elements made of aluminum. They have tubular heating elements within them that are casted into accurate positioning by a special method. 

Functional Characteristics
  • Defined heating capacity through resistance wire technology
  • Tubular heating element, curved, corresponding with the heating requirements, in combination with the high thermal conductivity of aluminum provides an even heat distribution
  • Heat dissipation primarily through contact
Design Features
  • Service temperatures up to 300°C
  • Design and contact areas according to customer specifications and requirements
  • Minimum thickness 25mm
  • Surface non-stick coated, PTFE, chem.-nickel, Niflor, hard anodic coating
  • Closed heating unit with socket
  • Sand casting cavity-free and non-porous
  • Cast materials: G-Al Si 9 Cu 3, G-Al Si 7 Mg,G-Al Si 5 Mg, Bronze, Brass
  • Max. operating voltage 500V
  • Power rating according to customer specifications
  • Heating surfaces ground level, contours milled
  • Plate stress-relieved
  • Electrical connection: tubular heating element end projecting M4, socket screwed on, socket cast-on
  • Packing machines, deep-drawing machines
  • Foil and plate heating
  • Hot plates
  • Plastic material processing
  • Laminators
We would be pleased to help you with your design and calculation, and we will also prepare the complete determination of the heating element at your request.