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Condensate Evaporator

Maintenance free. Energy efficient.
The DBK condensate evaporator comes in a sealed housing with an integrated condensate collection tank. This compact, PTC based, electrical
evaporator solves moisture problems in countless applications. 

Condensate enters, and water vapor exits via hose connections on either end.

PTC technology offers high security and energy efficiency with its
self-limitation of the maximum temperature.

Applications: Enclosures, air-conditioned cabinets, refrigeration units, air
conditioners, outdoor systems etc.
  • Operating power up to 200W
  • Evaporation rate up to 245ml/h | 8.28 oz/h
  • Compact, encapsulated design
  • Maintenance free, no draining necessary
  • High security and reliability due to PTC technology
  • Integrated condensate collection tank
  • Easy integration by hose connection
  • Mounting via DIN clip or mounting bracket
  • Low power consumption due to dry run mode (~50W)
  • Low Energy Switch (~15W)