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We are sure we met before. DBK products are part of many applications that accompany our everyday life.

Mechanical infrastructure

Outdoor control cabinets, electrical enclosures, switchgears and more. Click her for our thermal control solutions.

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Industrial communication

Outdoor power supply for wireless base stations, CCTV, displays, switchgear substations, radio base stations and more.


Electric drive technology

Easily decrease electrical voltage with PTC discharge resistors up to 1200V.

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Mechanical engineering

Packaging machines, foil extrusion machines, presses, strapping machines, tools, valves, hydraulic systems, emergency stop systems and more.


HVAC Systems

Pre-heaters and re-heaters for HVAC and ventilation systems.

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Thermal Comfort in Operator Cabins

Heating of cabs of special vehicles, of cockpits, construction equipment and crane cabs, and many more.


Renewable Energies

Wind energy plants - inverters, hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, hub controllers, generators, gearboxes, rotor-blade adjustment systems and more. Click here for DBK solutions.

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Medical and Laboratory Equipment and Instruments

Paraffin dispensers, respirators, drying devices, ultrasonic cleaners, chromatographs and more.


Automotive Industry

Electronic control units, hybrid vehicles, discharge units, charging stations for e-cars, urea pumps and more.


3D printer heating

Optimal print results at the right temperature.

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Brew Unit Heater

For a rich coffee flavor. DBK programme for hot drinks machines. Perfect preheating with the right temperature.

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Railway engineering

Heating of railway vehicles, rail tracks and switches with PTC technology that can be limited to e.g. 200°C.

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