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Heating of 3D build chamber

The right temperature. 3D printing techniques such as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) depend significantly on the right temperature to achieve optimal results. (The materials employed in 3d printing lose some volume in the process of cooling – they shrink. Depending on the material, this effect is more or less pronounced.)

Irregular cooling down of the successive layers during the printing process often renders uneven surfaces or warped prints. In the worst case, cracks may result from stresses developed during part build. Heating the build chamber reduces temperature differences during printing and ensures excellent printing results.

Smart printing. PTC air heaters from the DBK Cirrus line will maintain a constant temperature within the build chamber. The self-regulating heaters stand for high security and reliability. They come in different sizes and power ratings, allowing a perfect integration into the available installation space. In many years of practical experience, the DBK Cirrus heaters have proven successful in controlling the sensitive climate inside enclosures and electrical cabinets.