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Continuous furnaces

With this furnace type, the goods to be heated are transported through the furnace either lying on a conveyor unit, in a standing or hanging fashion, and are subjected to a precisely defined temperature profile.

A continuous application can be plastic pipes which are run through a stress-relieving process. The pipes are supported by specially coated rollers on ball-bearings. These rollers can be height adjusted to match the respective pipe diameters with the help of a lateral crank mechanism. Suitable panels are mounted on the input and output sides to save energy.

Furnaces are charged manually with feeding cars and function in cycle operation. Lifting doors separate the respective tempering zones from the cooling zones in the through direction. A cart is “handed over” in the feeding section and the fully automatic cycle is started by selecting the batch on the operating unit. After ending the tempering, the cars stand ready for pick-up at the discharge side.

Another version is a hanging conveyor belt which is often used in surface treating plants. A very variable batch range is possible within the scope of dimensioning.
Many powder coating operations work with furnaces as electrical or gas heated models. The systems are usually placed directly following the coating system. They are loaded either manually or by means of a motorised overhead conveyor.

The transport with lateral chains and the cross braces adapted to the batch in the module is sturdy and flexible in use. Very heavy loads can be moved wear-free and therefore with low maintenance.

The batch is brought onto the belt either directly or with the help of work piece carriers. A large variety of transport bands such a cross-brace design, wire mesh, plastic bands or simple chain conveyor can be realized.

The design is adapted to the respective production conditions. Customer concerns are also incorporated directly into the design.