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High temperature furnaces up to 700°C

Many processes require a higher working temperature. Our furnaces with an operating temperature of up to 700°C are designed for these extreme demands.

With manual production processes the furnaces with very high operating temperatures are simply charged with fork lift trucks. The support forks drive under the furnace while the lifting forks can manipulate the batch in the furnace.
Charging is very simple with forklifts. Transport racks specially adapted to the batch guarantee repeatable, consistent tempering results.

Customer’s requirements determine whether we design the furnace with electrical or gas heating. An insulation adapted to the high operating temperature ensures low outside temperature of the furnace wall and reduces the losses into the hall.

Viewing windows to observe the batch reaction in the interior space during tempering can also be installed. These are in a multiple back-vented design to keep the surface temperature low. A ramming protector and inspection lamp for the interior space has been mounted in front of the viewing windows.

Transport racks for optimally adapted tempering of the goods and reduction of manual batch handling quickly turn out to be profitable. Ceramic items remain on the racks during various manufacturing processes.    

With the furnace neither the temperature nor the interior outfit are the feature – instead, it has 2 doors on each side for charging, resp. removing the batches.