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Wagon hearth furnaces

The bogies can be moved manually. The bogie has a motor drive for big loads. This allows trouble-free charging of the heaviest batches.

Heavy batches are loaded into the furnace via a motor drive. Operating temperature up to 500°C, heating up and cooling off ramps with defined temperature gradient, as well as recording of tempering data are possible.

During set-to-work the combustion values of the gas burner are optimised. Test runs with real batches and temperature recordings prove the demanded temperature accuracies. This small furnace in a repair shop can handle batches up to 1.5 t.

The basic design of the furnace construction is always adapted to our customer’s needs. The loading level of the transport bogie is adapted to the working height of the surrounding furnaces. The drive of the bogies is set up in the cold range.

10 t loads are no problem for the bogies. This batch must be treated with small temperature gradients to avoid stress in the components. This again allows a relatively compact charging.