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Additional Compartment Heaters | 12V

At low outside temperatures, a heat deficit is created as a result of increasingly efficient, consumption-optimized, and direct fuel injection engines. This deficit is compensated by the new generation of attractively priced ceramic compartment heaters by DBK.

Compared to competitive products additional heaters from DBK are characterized by a particularly low weight and a low pressure drop. The power spectrum ranges from decentralized heating elements in the power range from 400W up to heaters with a power of 2,000W.

The DBK additional heaters can be supplied as compact step controlled heater or as a stepless adjustable heater with integrated power electronics. This version minimizes fluctuations in the vehicle electrical system.

The integrated control electronics monitors the heating elements and critical circuit components permanently in order to initiate countermeasures in case of disturbances.

DBK adapts the power electronics to the application and to the customers´ requirements. These can be activated optionally with a PWM signal or with standard bus systems (CAN, LIN).
Compartment air heaters. Power output from 400W to 2,000W.

Possible designs:

  • Mechanical compact heater
  • Mechanical with integrated electronic relay
  • Stepless adjustable with integrated power electronics
  • Decentralized PTC heating element (e.g. in the rear area)
  • Seat climate-control system (e.g. for convertibles)